Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Flipped

On this Father's Day I am certainly thinking about my dad and two grandfathers and all the ways in which they have influenced my life.

However, I am realizing more and more that I am thinking about my daughter this Father's Day. I am thinking more about what it means for me to be a dad.

Earlier tonight I received the single best Father's Day gift I could ask for: an unsolicited hug.

Some background.

My daughter is 20 months old and is in a phase right now where she likes to say "No, Daddy, No!" with chin up, pointing her index finger at me. When mom is around, she does not let me hold her. I get sad; but, it is so cute and I know it is temporary.

I know she loves me and wants me to be around her all the time.

If I leave the backyard and go to the garage, I can here her yelling "Daddy?! Daddy?!" and am greeted with smiles and laughter when I return to the back yard. I am awakened each morning with this, too!

When Jocelyn was three months old, she had RSV and was in the hospital for seven nights. Very scary and not fun. Part of the treatment was to give her nightly breathing treatments. This went on until a few months ago.

Every night Kari holds Jocelyn while sitting in the rocking chair as I sit on the foot stool in front of them holding the respirator so Jocelyn could breathe in the medicine.

Well, we know longer do the breathing treatments, but we still have the same seating arrangements.

During this time, we talk reflect about the day, say our prayers, and generally have a good time with much laughter.

Lately, Jocelyn has been pointing to the door, saying "NightNight": instructing me to go to bed so mom can begin humming "Silent Night" (yes, even in June! It is the ONLY song she will fall asleep to...)

Tonight, after we reflected and prayed, Jocelyn grabbed my face and started to name my nose, eyes, ears, and all that. She then pulled me down and placed our chins, yes our chins, together and began humming. It was so neat, and silly! I completely forgot about her telling me "no!".

Smiles were abundant.

Jocelyn looked at me, smiled, said, "Daddy..."

"Yes, Jocelyn?"

Smile creeps though a pacifier...

Arms spread out...

Un-solicited hug; best Father's Day moment.

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  1. It's funny how hard that phase can be when they just want Mommy. Difficult to not take it personally. Makes those moments when they cling to you seem monumental.

  2. Sweet story. It's impossible to quantify the value of a hug.

  3. That was absolutely beautiful to read. Thanks for sharing this with the interwebs.

    Take Care,

  4. Great moments, ones you will always cherish! Keep up being a great dad!